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Exploring Valdez, Alaska

Taking off from Wasilla

You can't just head off into the wilds of Alaska with no preparation!  We're not complete savages!

Oh, and we picked up some coffee, too.

Traveling from Fairbanks

Doug's traveling buddies!

The Pink and Silver Salmon Hatchery

  • Self-guided tour
  • Fish Ladder
  • Numerous Large Sea Lions

Getting upstream when you weigh hundreds of pounds can be a little bit of a workout.  Oh, and you don't have feet.  Or legs.

You get to your favorite dining spot only to find they gave away "your" table.

Fishing sea lions tend to get the salmon excited.

The hatchery is a popular spot with tourists... and Pink Salmon!

The fish ladder directs the hatchery-raised fish back to the hatcher.  The ladder is removed when the wild-bred salmon return a month later.

Hiking to Solomon Gulch and Lake above the Valdez Electic Power Plant

Google told us that the start of the trail was through the power plant's parking lot.  We saw the "restricted area" sign and asked a power plant employee who let us know the actual trailhead was a little further down the road and had plenty of parking. Great picture, though. Right?

  • The Trans-Alaska pipeline intersects the hiking trail

Ready for another water break!

  • Dam Spillway

Falls below the spillway

Hiking back down to the bay.

Canoe Trip among the Icebergs at the Valdez Glacier

  • over 1 mile of glacier broke off into the lake in 2020, killing three

June 2019

July 2019

  • walking on on icebergs

Seagulls and plants are colonizing the tops of the icebergs... temporarily.

The lake is over 600 feet deep, and approaching the face of the glacier is not recommended.  Glaciers are slow but still unpredictable.  

Hiking to Worthington Glacier

  • Hiked to the face of the glacier

Visiting Bridal Veil and Horsetail Falls near Valdez

Horsetail Falls.  OK, the horse is running?  Hasn't been combed out today? 🤔

Bridal Veil Falls.  I'm thinking the names should be swapped - It'd be tough to cover a bride's face with a thin strip of cloth.  Just sayin'.

Valdez Museums

  • Good Friday Earthquake and Tsunami
  • Area's history before statehood
  • Gold Rush

Fishing at Allison Point

  • An Abundance of Pinks!

Eateries in Valdez

A sampler flight (and a rootbeer) at Growler Bay Brewing!

  • Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop
  • The Potato
  • Growler Bay Brewing Company
  • Valdez Brewing
  • Old Town Diner
  • Poor Betty's (soft pretzels outside Valdez Brewing)