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Our Pets

The Tale of the Poopy Puppy

When we arrived at the property Friday, a couple of calves and a momma cow were inside our corral.  We set to shooing them out - to protect our house and to protect the cows and calves from the ditches yet to be filled in from running power from the barn to the house.

Well, this amazed our beagles, CC and Benzi.  They seldom see the cows quite so close.  With calves, the cows will keep their distance when the dogs are about.  Once out of truck, they set to investigating the changes that the cows had wrought on the local area.

Benzi, the younger beagle, was the first to discover the fresh cow pie that was deposited by the momma cow as she departed the fenced area.

A parting gift...

If you look closely, you can see there's a kind of "swipe" on the side of that cow pie...

It looks like someone may have taken a swipe at this pie...

The right-side is a little "smoothed" - appearing as if, perhaps a small, fur-bearing creature had stumbled and may have...

Nope, no stumbling.  This was intentional.  Benzi had cow crap in her ears.  She ruined her electronic door-opening collar.  How do you get pooop in a collar?  You rub your neck on a fresh cow pie and then spread it all over.  Everywhere.  You'll smell Awesome!

She spent the day looking like an 80's rocker with spiked hair and poor personal hygeine.

After hours of being shunned and petted on the only spot that didn't reek (a small space between her eyes), benzi finally got a break when Terri set about cleaning her up.

Nice to get a bath... but the rinse was cold!

She then spent a few minutes running around rejoicing in smelling nice again.  After realizing she was a little wet and tired she promply rolled in some dirt to dry off (didn't work) and then tried rolling on the concrete drive to the barn (that worked), and then fell asleep.

I'm clean again [temporarily]

Wow!  That well water is bracing!
Wow!  That well water is bracing!