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Solar Power Installation

Terri dug the footings.  Bob tied the rebar and set the forms.

Terri managed to find some 6" well casing scraps to use for mounting poles

Forms and rebar in place.

Preparing to mid the concrete.

We tried to layout the worksite for optimal efficiency and minimal carrying of the concreate sacks.

Cetting the tube filled without falling into the excavation was going to be a trick.

We plumbed the tubes and braced them so the concreate could cure.

A few weeks later we stripped the supports and forms.

We overengineered the mounting system for the battery and inverters/chargers.  Didn't want if falling off the wall.

We assembled the arrays in the barn, then carried them out to the pedestals and mounted them.

Ready to find the sun.

We set the panels for the midpoint between summer and winter - the equinox I suppose.  The panels don't track the sun, so this gives us the best average power output.

Wiring the panels to the charger to the batteries to the inverters.

The Summer Sunset is a few minutes away- the barn shadow doesn't eclipse the panels .