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The Driveway

The first step in developing our property into a livable ranch was to apply for a driveway permit. 

In Park County, as in most places, you can't just put your driveway in.  The county GIS department needs your address so that the 911 services (police, ambulance, and fire) can find your place easily using Google Maps.  Problem is, you usually can't get an address without a driveway.  The address needs to be calculated so that the mapping and navigation software can place the dot on the map with reasonable fidelity. The easiest way to do that is to measure where the driveway is relative to the ends of the street.

After a few rounds of what's your address, and you need a driveway to get an address, we were able to get the GIS folks to give us a "guestimate" address and we were off!

We bought a culvert and used the extra dirt from terracing our backyard in Colorado Springs and, after many trips, were done!

Culvert in place
Culvert in place

After several loads of dirt, it was looking like we didn't have enough dirt.

Before the headwalls were constructed
Nearly done!  Headwalls were next.

Stone headwalls
The headwalls were made from river stones salvaged from the backyard in Colorado Springs. 
A little mortar goes a long way - we used a lot of mortar!

The finished driveway culvert
The finished driveway culvert