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The New Bees

Being raised by newbees...  This is going to be an adventure. 

New Bees stuck in the box's vent holes

Some of the passengers got stuck in the vent holes.  Most were able to pull themselves back out.

Opening the nucleus hive's door.

Belting them in for safety.  The winds are strong, and the temporary hive is plastic.

A cage to keep curious cats, nosey beagles, and hungry guinnea fowl at bay.

Honey?  See you in the fall!

We'll let the swarm get aclimated to their new location, then move them into the deep hive tomorrow.

Cursory Hive Inspection [17 May 2018]

A field bee (worker) returns to the hive with their pollen baskets, on their hind legs, full!  Watch the lower-right corner and you'll see them land and crawl into the entrance.