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Images of Colorado

Sun's Position on September 9th at 1700

Fall Sun Across South Park, 1700 on Sept 9th.

I estimated the sun's position based on Google Earth's cacluation:

Google Earth calculated sun position for 9-9 at 1700.

South Park Panoramas

We're working with a good friend and fantastic artist to figure out how to "class-up the place" with something that says "local", but besides dead animal parts (think a chandelier made of antlers, a coat rack with hooves, or a hide draped over the guest bed).  The images still need some work, but show the area and features where we live and some of the reasons we want to be here.

Higher Resolution (4.3Mb PDF)

Lower Resolution (1.2Mb PDF) [Same pictures, faster download]

Connecting pages 10 thru 14 yeilds the following composite picture.  You'll need to scroll left and right to see it all.


More pictures with more changing aspens, sunsets, vistas, and Colorado skies.

A South Park Sunrise from dark to breakfast time.

Terri has been keeping an eye out for images and designs to incorporate into our new house or simply to remember.  Colorado is a beautiful place.