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Thanksgiving 2013

With the incredibly busy year nearly behind us, we're looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving here at home in Colorado Springs.

Kristy has agreed to cook the turkey - and Terri and Bob are keeping an eye out for new dishes to try.  Not sure what the turkey recipe will be... Kristy found a recipe that calls for placing bacon under the skin of bird... oooh, bacon.

The following appetizers were in the November issue of Rachel Ray's magazine - one of our favorite sources for new dishes:

  1. Bacon Crisp {oooh, bacon.  Is there nothing you can't make better}
  2. Hot Artichoke and Roasted Pepper Asiago Cheese Dip
  3. Meatballs and tomato-wine sauce {meatballs with beef & sausage!}

We'll keep looking for more tasty treats to be thankful for - in addition to all of our other blessings .