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Weather & Traffic

Refresh the page every now and then to get the most current pictures!  A complete list of Colorado Traffic WebCams is available at http://www.cotrip.org/

South Park Weather [http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/hdfForecast?query=80827]

Real-time Weather Radar

NOAA "realtime" satellite map

▼ Monarch Mountain WebCam 

▼ Monarch Pass/Highway 50 WebCam

More Information:

The complete list of city traffic cameras is at https://coloradosprings.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=6b4da579c8eb45e39da06db5186e05e8&mlid=6211

For cotrip.org's camera and road condition map, visit http://cotrip.org/map.htm#/default